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Jan 23, 2013 2:30pm PST
and not europe, and that they will no longer be blackmailed by the british government. >> we will have a look at what britt's think about this referendum later in the show. now to israeli politics, which are famous for being bolick tile. yesterday's elections certainly underlined that. p>> they were expected to triggr a lurch to the right, but the biggest gains went to a new centrist party, led by a former tv presenter. his party came second. >> the prime minister suffered the biggest losses. his right wing alliance lost almost a quarter of its seats, although it still the biggest grouping. >> netanyahu looks likely to remain prime minister, but he may have to tone down his hard- line position to build a coalition. >> the day after the election, israelis were trying to make sense of the new political landscape. many wonder if israel faces a deadlock after benjamin netanyahu lost so much ground to the left wing. while the israeli leader remains the country's political strongman, he knows he will have to engage. on wednesday, he gave his interpretation of the results. >> the public
Jan 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
does the government have to say? >> they make it clear that this is queen beatrix's own choice. the monarchy in the netherlands forms part of the government am a part of politics, part of parliament -- government, part of politics, part of parliament. there are many who believe that this role should be left involved in -- less involved in parliament and more ceremonial. there is a trend toward modernization of the monarchy. when willem alexander takes over, things will stay as they are for the moment, at least. >> on to other news -- more violence in egypt. police and protesters have clashed in cairo and the city of port said on day five of the latest crisis to hit the country. >> it is becoming a test of the authority of president mohammad morrissey and his muslim brotherhood. he announced the state in emergency -- president mohammed morrissey -- mohammed morsi and his muslim brotherhood. he announced a state of emergency in three areas. >> they have asked all egyptians to express themselves peacefully. >> on monday, cairo saw yet more street battles between protesters and street f
Jan 21, 2013 2:30pm PST
conservative government. >> it shows the social democrats and greens grabbing power with one seat majority over the christian democrats and free democrats. it is not a mandate but it is an alarm for federal elections later this year. >> it was a neck and neck race but it was a loss in sunday's regional election. she hoped her conservatives to gain momentum in the run up to the federal election but the propping up her coalition partners cost her party value political capital. the national election involve every man fighting for himself and his own votes. maybe that is the lesson. we don't need to be so worried that the liberal democrats will be removed from parliament. the liberal democrats polled unexpectedly well in sunday's election. there had been calls for his resignation but now he will lead the call he will be our nominee for this year's federal election, he will be our face or the brains of our campaign. as party head he will lead the team that is part of any successful campaign. the central democrats say they have all of the ingredients for a successful campaign and challe
Jan 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
has called on france and the malian government to end their offensive to open the way for talks. the conflict has been going on for a year now. the situation is complex with a tuareg rebellion, an army coup, and an islamist uprising. and many are hoping that the french-led intervention will end the crisis. we met members of the community living here in berlin. and she goes to work, just another winter day in berlin, but her thoughts are with her relatives some 4,000 kilometers away. her family had to flee the north of the country. she talks to them on the phone almost every day. >> i think that if it was not for french intervention, the islamists would be in the capital. i could sense the relief when i spoke to my family on the phone. they were living in incredible fear until the french arrived. it was really bad. >> marcel experienced this terror on the ground. he was visiting timbuktu in early 2012 with the islamists arrived. >> these four or five days that i spent there after the coup -- that was the worst time. also in terms of my personal experiences with people. and then, there
Jan 29, 2013 2:30pm PST
will not allow government forces to return to the areas under their control? >> all told, they are really marginalized. as we have been -- they have been pushed away by islamists, we have not much power to actually defend their stance. >> thank you very much for that. >> on 2 news now of apparent executions in syria. activists say at least 65 men have been found dead in the northern city of aleppo. the bodies were found scattered along a river in a contested district of the city. many victims had their hands tied behind their backs. each appeared to had a single gunshot wound to the head. activists say it is not clear which side carried out the killings. femic egypt's political crisis and ongoing unrest could lead to the collapse of the state. -- >> at egypt's political crisis and ongoing unrest. >> five days of rioting have left dozens dead. tens of thousands defied a government-declared state of emergency, which prohibits demonstrations, and gathered for protests in cities along the suez canal. >> this young woman is chanting the people want to bring down the regime. a few meters
Jan 22, 2013 2:30pm PST
ministers from both governments working on, proposals to deepen the economic and military union. >> she says the proposals are about a deeper cooperation in economic policy with the goal a social security, employment, nd financials. >> the spirit of cooperation was exactly what the treaty of friendship was all about. >> here is a look back. >> the idyllic village near the border region has a special place in european history. and is the birthplace of the franco-german friendship. after two world wars, if you believe such a thing was possible. the unthinkable did happen. they did not have much in common. both catholic and a conservative. >> what was surprising is that the first contact in 1958 did not take place in the palace but at his private the state in a comfortable family surroundings. they spent the whole weekend of their. he treated him like a guest of the family. he did not stay in a hotel. >> he was the only politician to have been given that privilege. any mistrust between the two men evaporated. >> their relationship led to the declaration of a musical about. the treaty was s
Jan 21, 2013 5:30pm PST
called it an unacceptable cowardly act. the government said five other countries including britain, rumania and the phillipines have confirmed their workers were among the casualties. >>> israelis plan to keep prime minister benjamin netanyahu in power. netanyahu called early elections in october after his coalition failed to agree on the annual budget. his national coalition party have consistently led the polls. but the ultra-nationalist jewish home party is rapidly increasing its support. the party opposes peace talks with the palestinians. netanyahu resumed the building of jewish settlement in occupied territories two years ago. the construction breaches international law and contributed to a breakdown in the peace process. >>> central bankers in japan are searching for the right words. they'll release their latest statement in just a few hours, and many expect them to adopt a different tone. ai joins us from the business desk. ai, you studied bank statements before. what do you expect this time? >> there's going to be a few things different or expected to be different, rather.
Jan 25, 2013 2:30pm PST
anti-government protesters. >> security forces clashed with demonstrators who started throwing stones. tens of thousands took to the streets across the country after friday prayers. they say sunni muslims of being marginalized by the shiite-led authorities. >> french troops entered a town 600 kilometers north of mali's capital. islamist fighters pulled back as the forces advanced. it is not to be zero weeks since france sent forces to its former colony to block an offensive from al qaeda islamists. military action has been successful so far, but people in the region are facing a humanitarian crisis as thousands flee the violence. >> the european union has pleaded with both sides to give aid organizations easy access to the conflict zone, warning that millions of people are facing food shortages. >> hundreds of thousands have fled their homes since the fighting started a year ago. many have fled abroad. some 200,000 have moved to other parts of the country. the eu says aid agencies are facing major problems in trying to help the people affected in the north. >> i appeal to all t
Jan 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >> abduction issue minister k. g.futea followed up on abe's statement, saying the government will do everything it can to seek a solution. >>> relations between japan and china may be about to improve, albeit slowly. the head of the communist party is saying he seriously is considering the possibility of high-level dialogue. they want that dialogue, but they're moving cautiously because of the chinese-claimed islands claimed by japan. the junior partner in the coalition asked the chinese to arrange summit talks. she said chinese and japanese should meet. he said he is seriously considering the possibility. an official with the japanese foreign ministry said chi's comments suggested they could improve. he said they were the most positive remarks from any chinese leader since the japanese government nationalized the senkaku islands last september. chinese and taiwan claim those islands. japan says there is no question the territory belongs to taiwan. he said the issue of who owns the island is not settled. they said leaders should settle it through dialogue and negotiation. he said the
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)